Partnership Battiato Bevande


For years we have been supporting our customers who are owners of bars, restaurants and any type of structure that supplies drinks.

Horeca Battiato Bevande


You think about choosing the products you need for your users, we think of everything else.

Distribuzione Battiato Bevande


For you who own a catering business, we are well aware that your time is money; then we will take care of the delivery!

Degustazioni Battiato Bevande


Thanks to our dense distribution network, we are able to supply our users, who own a catering business, directly to your premises. In this way you can dedicate yourself to your business, without having to think about your beverage supply.

Consulenza Battiato Bevande


When buying a bottle, many variables are hidden that our staff has learned to read and interpret.

Assistenza Battiato Bevande


We know that it is not easy to build the perfect wine list or beer card, and that’s why we are ready to help you in this difficult choice.